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Why advertise on the net ?

The web is the most powerful advertising medium on earth where anybody on the planet can access your advertisement at any time of day or night ! Whilst traditional forms of advertising are to a certain extent still valid, internet advertising is not just the way forward, it has already taken the lead globally and decisively. The new money spenders are fresh out of colleges and universities, are internet wise, and will look to the internet for their needs first, turning to the 'phone book second.

The internet and the community…

The site will also have links to pages including "The history of Bradford-on-Avon" and a "Photo Gallery" in which I will invite people to submit their photo's of the town with a picture credit. There will also be a "What's on this Week" page and a yearly diary of events. So will be a community site too. Basically anybody living in or near, or travelling to Bradford-on-Avon will only need to look to one place for information.

How much will it cost ?

All businesses will be given a free listing as a single line entry in the appropriate category. Please contact us with your details. However, If you take a look at the home page and follow the link to "Accommodation" you will see the format of a single panel advertisement. A panel like this will cost just £75.00 per year and will reach out to every single person in the world with access to the internet ! This is not science fiction, it's reality. Compare this with the cost of a similar ad in the most popular Wiltshire weekly newspaper; The same size panel will cost £185.06, will be bought by just 18,000 people, and will be current for a maximum of one week. A more detailed full size single web page can be purchased separately and will be linked to the main panel.

What if I already have a website… ?

Having a website is one thing, having people find it is quite another ! Put yourself in the mind of a person sitting at their PC in Tokyo or Sydney. They are coming to Bradford-on-Avon, one of the most visited places in Britain. They need somewhere to stay. They will use one of the 5000 or so search engines and enter a search string something like "B&B Bradford-on-Avon". The chances of your specific website being found by that search are very slim. If you have very carefully built the site to be "engine friendly" which is a great skill in itself, and you have submitted your site to that particular search engine, and you regularly optimise that submission and monitor results, then you might just be somewhere in the list of several hundred thousand results generated by the engine !

However, there is hope...the most powerful word on a website as far as search engines are concerned is the web address itself. This is the the first thing a search engine looks at, so will always be at or near the top of the list of results from a search containing "bradford-on-avon". Furthermore the webmaster has spent a great deal of time optimising the text, descriptions, keywords and so on to ensure that the site will be at the top of the list. So if you have an advertisement on then the visitor from Sydney, Tokyo or Trowbridge will find it ! For just £25 extra you can have a link under "more on your business" on the single panel which will take the viewer to yourwebsite.

"I don't have a website of my own, but I'd like one !"
No Problem ! Our webmaster can help you to find and register a domain name, and can build you anthing from a simple one-page site upwards. Just send an e-mail via the webmaster link below.

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